Soil restructuring

activadores de defensas

The products of the BOCROP family of soil correctors improve the physicochemical characteristics, fertility and the absorption of nutrients in impoverished soils and favor their recovery and balance to increase the yield of crops and preserve the health of the substrate in which they grow. They increase the water retention capacity, the cation exchange (CEC), and the activity of the microflora favoring the rooting of new crops. Products specially formulated for soils allow both the correction of problems that harm the development of crops; such as the improvement of the quality of the soil through a better use of the resources of the soil itself, as well as those contributions that are made on it. 

The application of BOCROP products to the soil allows to maintain this resource in the long term, guaranteeing the sustainability of agricultural activity and avoiding the problem of soil depletion. They allow to correct problems caused by their composition (salinity, pH ...) and thus avoid problems such as plugging of emitters, precipitation of nutritional elements, etc.

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